Collect smarter, not harder

The leading machine learning recovery platform for the collections industry that provides a digital self-service, consumer-friendly experience.

Digitally transform your collections

Paydit automates the entire collections process, from settlement, negotiating terms to payment, tracking, and analytics.

Best-in-class results

Recover faster with an intelligent machine learning collection platform that optimizes consumer engagement to deliver results

End-to-end personalization

The journey is customized to fit each consumer to ensure they get the right message at the right time for them

Compliance bult-in

The machine follows TCPA, FDCPA, EAPO, and other local regulations to ensure audittable consumer interactions

Customize your consumer journey

We use data to drive adjustments that will improve collections. We optimize the number of installments, payment schedule, billing frequency, payment options and more to work with the consumer to deliver the best results

24/7 - the agent that never sleeps

A digital self-service platform that is available at all hours, guaranteeing consumers a convenient, no-pressure experience that is stress-free and accessible at a time and device that suits them

Sign agreements securely online

We take care of all the signed agreements needed for the consumer to repay their balance; Settlement Agreements, Regulation E Discolusire and other required legal paperwork

Frictionless payment options

The consumer has the control to engage with the platform and resolve their balance in a way that works for them and for you, it’s a win-win

Pay in full

The consumer can pay the balance in full, and has the option to do so immediately or over time in a set number of installments 

Negotiate to pay less

The consumer can negotiate to pay less and can agree to settle with a plan to pay a percentage of the balance that gives them the flexibility to resolve their repayments

Flexible payments

Paydit can be used on all stages of the collections process, allowing consumers to negotiate plans for a portion of balances based on their financial capabilities

Empower consumers to track their progress

Each time a consumer accepts their repayments, an account summary page is created for every consumer, allowing them to track the status of their payment plans and stay informed through reminders until the balance is settled

The help to make data driven decisions

Evaluate campaign performance and debtor activities with powerful in-built reports. It’s no wonder why our platform collects 10X more than commission-paid agents.


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