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Is Paydit a collection agency?

We are not a collection or BPO agency. We offer a white-label, compliant technology that extends the reach to your consumers in addition to your in-house collection or BPO. With this technology, our customers have already collected over $200MM and counting.

What communication methods are supported in Paydit?

Currently, Paydit supports two communication methods: email and SMS. The communication with consumers is performed based on the parameters you initially set.

What payment options are supported in your system?

Paydit works with the USAePay, Repay, Authorize.Net, ATI(ACH), and Loan Payment Pro (Cards) payment providers and supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover debit and credit cards.

How payments are made?

There are two payment processing flows in the system:

Manual – The client is responsible for processing all Card and ACH payments and reporting back any payment cancelations, defaults, reversals, etc.

System Integrated Solution – Paydit is responsible for processing Card/ACH payments to the Client’s merchant bank using an integrated payment processor.

How can I integrate/work with Paydit?

  1. Through API (Web services). That guarantees you real-time access to client accounts and continuous data verification.

  2. Through generated Excel lists. The portfolio is extracted into the Excel/CSV file, which can then be uploaded to a secure FTP server. Paydit grabs that data and processes it.

What analytics are available in the system?

By default, Paydit provides a set of credit reports that allow monitoring overall performance and debtor activities for either all accounts or the selected ones. At your request, we can also add custom reports with data of your choosing.

How can clients regulate settlement rules for their consumers?

During the initial setup and onboarding, you will decide settlement rules and values used by the system. There are 3 ways to regulate settlement rules in Paydit:

  1. Set up values through the admin area. These values will be used for all the consumers by default.

  2. Provide consumers values within the input file/method. If the above values are provided with the input file at the individual consumer level, then the consumer level values will take precedence, which will override the default Client parameters.

  3. Discuss custom rules with the Paydit tech team in order for them to customize rules through the Admin area.

What data can consumers use to login to the system?

The system requires debt and consumer credentials.

As for the debt, we use Reference Numbers (for Collection agencies) and Account Numbers (for Original creditors). At the same time, it’s possible to name it the way the client needs it. 

As the consumer credentials, we have SSN (last 4 digits), Date of birth, ZIP, Driver’s license number.

What languages is the system available in?

Currently, the platform is available in English and Spanish languages. Also, we can provide a file script of the system that can be translated to the language of your choice.

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