About us

We’re all about reinventing the collections process by bridging the gap between consumers and creditors

Who we are

Mobile first

80% of our platform engagement is on mobile devices, and 50% of those that engage with the platform settle their balance

Tech forward

Our agentless machine learning technology enhances collections capacity without the need for additional agents or resources

Transparent & Compliant

We ensure you have full compliance and flexibility to quickly adjust to the ever-changing rules and regulations

Changing the face of consumer collections

An online platform that leverages artificial intelligence to find win-win outcomes for creditors and consumers alike, all utilizing a self-serving and digital experience available 24/7

Processed accounts

Settled accounts

Collected with Paydit

Successful payments

Meet our leadership

Richard Formoe

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Nick Varnitski

Founder & President


Eugene Pratasenia

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Michael Atme

Chief Revenue Officer

Ryan Perry

EVP of Operations

“We are maniacally focused on bringing you the power of technology to intelligently reinvent debt collection through innovation. Our technology allows you to put the consumer in the driver seat to financial freedom.”


Richard Formoe, CEO at Paydit

Our Values & Vision

Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Working with the latest state-of-the-art AI and ML technologies, we harness the power of data to help you stay in touch with the consumer across multiple digital touchpoints, when they want, where they want, and how they want.

Constantly Evolve & Stay Ahead

In this ever-changing business landscape, our platform is built to allow you to keep up with innovation & compliance. We’re constantly developing & enhancing cutting-edge technology solutions for collections and lending.

Consumers Deserve Financial Freedom

Having debt in collections is an extremely stressful time for anyone. Our mission is to put the consumer back in the driver’s seat to financial freedom. Consumers can negotiate or settle their debt digitally when, where, and how they want.

Exceptional Results

Debt collection is now as simple as ever, and consumers enjoy their digital journey to financial freedom.


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